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Our Story

Citrus Eyewear was conceived by a team of former athletes for those who love to stay outdoors. We understand the difference the right set of sunglasses can make when spending an entire day outdoors, and we strive to deliver products which are second to none in terms of quality and comfort. All our products are rigorously tested in labs and are manufactured using similar processes as those of the biggest eyewear brands. We value our customers and strongly believe that eyewear companies can sustain without charging a 300% profit on each pair of sunglasses. Hence, we want to break away from the current norms of the eyewear industry and provide the best sunglasses at a price point that’s affordable for everyone.

We will keep adding other products to our website to make it a one-stop shop for all outdoor sports and recreation activities. Sunglasses, however, have always been close to our hearts and will remain our focus product.

We often receive three questions from those who’ve not tried our sunglasses (yet!):


Why shop with a brand you’ve never heard of before?

The answer to this question lies in the question itself. We are not a brand with a million eyes on it, so we only have our customers to spread the word about us. It’s therefore extremely important for us to put our customers before anything else. And we do everything in our capacity to make the experience as personalized as possible. From changing jersey sizes after an order is placed to changing the model of sunglasses ordered after an order is confirmed, to tracking every single order and sending a reminder via email/Instagram DM when the package reaches the local post office, we do it all. While there are dedicated teams to oversee every aspect of the business, we Founders go through every single customer email that we receive at the end of the day and ensure the responses are in-line with what we would’ve liked to hear if we were the customers ourselves. Notice we mentioned we Founders? That’s because we did not hire someone to write this for us and decided to use this as an opportunity to talk directly to our customers.

So many reasons to give us a go without even talking about the prices of our sunglasses!


How is Citrus Eyewear selling sunglasses at such affordable rates?

As we touched upon earlier, we make our sunglasses in the same manufacturing units as the largest eyewear brands. We use the same machines to make and the same premium-grade materials go into our sunglasses. We can still offer our products at the current prices as we don’t have giant marketing and distribution arms that usually cost companies more than manufacturing their product! We cut through these costs and pass on the benefits to you, our customers.


How secure are the payments made on the website?

The payments made on our website are just as secure as those made on any other website. We offer two types of payments - card and PayPal. All our card payments are managed by Stripe, one of the largest payment facilitators in the world. The PayPal transactions are similarly managed by PayPal. No card or personal information about the payment method is ever recorded as all our payments are managed through two of the largest payment processors in the world.