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Tech Spec

CompleteVision Lens

CompleteVision technology brings together higher contrast with fog resistance. This helps to improve visibility both on tarmac and gravel by making it easier to spot surface changes. The lens composition also makes theromastic paint - used for road markings - more clearly visible. All this makes the sunnies perfect for all conditions - weather or terrain wise.

FluidFlo® Ventilation

Frames designed with FluidFlo® ventilation technology utilize vents in frames and lenses to efficiently channelize air. The enhanced air circulation as a result makes it effortless to wear the sunglasses for long hours. The efficient air flow also significantly reduces drag, further reducing exhaustion and increasing overall comfort.

FlushFit® Nose Pad

FlushFit® design offers a 360-degree adjustable nose pad that sits flush on all face types, giving a versatility unlike anything seen in the eyewear industry. Most sunglasses are designed around either the Caucasian or Asian facial structure, but the FlushFit® flexibility makes the sunglasses fit different all facial structures and sizes.